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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Inkfolk Thursday 06/08/2015 6pm Exhibition opening with Oliver Nielson and live performance art by Triangle Cuts

Free entry

Ideas and feelings seem monolithic, ocean- sized , within the heart of the individual but abstract, unimportant , notional outside him.
Conversely he is the drop in the ocean himself, he is notional , in the 'grand scheme of things'.
The title , and work , refer to this.
I make my work from whatever I find on the streets. If there's a canvas in the show it will have been found in a skip, someone's art, once , potentially THEIR big statement , their expression.... headed for landfill. I salvage it but paint over it.
My art is full of angst, disgust, pain and yearning but hopefully you won't see that. Hopefully I've transmuted all that into beauty.
I like oceanic colours. The Blues.
My art is about the individual feeling a kind of cosmic blues. 'song to the siren' is a huge reference point. I'm always trying to paint THAT.

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