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Friday, 22 July 2016

Inkfolks next outing in August. 11th-14th with some rather fine things going on.

Peace x

Friday, 4 March 2016

Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry.....

Watching Paint Dry is an exhibition of new work by Stephen Millar, Nathan Crothers and Aziza Mills.
For the exhibition Belfast based artists Stephen Millar and Nathan Crothers have created a visual reply to December’s floods in the north of England. Specifically the pair has created a piece called ‘the Useless made Useful’ which highlights the government’s inaction in response to the floods. The piece is made up individual politician sandbags. Each sandbag depicts the image of a current member of the cabinet… Thus in the event of another flood these politician sandbags will be of more use than the politicians themselves. In addition to this both Millar and Crothers will also be showing a series works from the individual art practices. 

Hebden Bridge based artist Aziza Mills is showcasing a new body of work including drawings and paintings of different life studies.

Forty percent of all sales will be added to the flood relief fund.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 3rd until Sunday 6th March 2016

Machpelah Mill
Station Road
Hebden Bridge

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sunday. 06/03/2016 Tor Bookings at Inkfolk

Inkfolk. Sunday 06/03/2016 we welome Tor Bookings

Tor Bookings are picking up where Ned Was ist Das finished, for this month anyway. We've picked the Sunday line up for our mates down at Inkfolk in Hebden. Come down and have your Saturday hangovers blown properly away by...


Leeds based duo making huge soundwaves from West Yorkshire all the way to outer space. They played an intense trebly guitar and prepared drum kit set at our festival last year which has been spoken about by all the neighbours ever since. If you want harsh angular noise rock (this really doesn't do it justice) LOOK NO FURTHER...

Paul Walsh's sometimes mellow, sometimes caustic electronic zigzagging.

Pete Cann's sputtering noise inflammation, it'll clean your ears out.

Invite your mates! £5 on the door!