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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sunday 09/08/2015. Exhibition continues, bar open from 4pm, then from 7pm Wasist Das present Ashtray Navigations. Pay what you can gig!

Although Was Ist Das? is no longer a Hebden dweller, we're still coming back for Inkfolk basement action. Delighted to say we have the return of Ashtray Navigations who last played Hebden in 2012. They put out their first release in January 1994 and have a major retrospective on the way including a best of CD selected by Henry Rollins. They exist in a confusing void between the worlds of experimental music and garage rock. As disorientating as they are fun, they are an unmissable live band. They're also the cover stars of this months The Wire magazine!

Tim Benjamin is better known as a composer of operas. He won BBC Young Musician of The Year at the tender age of 17 and also won the Stephen Oliver Trust’s Prize for Contemporary Opera with his first opera. He has long dabbled in electronic music, often using his Kauppe alias and is about to release his first all electronic album, "Fractures"

Its a Sunday night and we appreciate some of you wish to travel from Leeds and Manchester so we will be keeping it last train friendly [especially as I have to go to work at 7am]. It's also a pay what you can night [which means please give as much as you can in the collection for the artists. Don't come in, drink five pints and chuck a few coppers in, you tight twat]

Inkfolk Saturday 08/08/2015. Exhibition continues, bar open from 3pm with Jimmy Gezellig playing some layed back vibes unitl 7pm then its The turn of Soft Rocks in the basement...

Tickets £5 from Inkfolk, Dynamite or online at

Inkfolks Saturday party see's Brighton based dj's and producers Softs Rocks Andy Simms and Bobby Coleman heading to our little gathering to play the finer points of the musical spectrum.

Soft Rocks hobbled onto the scene in 2003. Their first record was notable for predating current re-edit mania by some years, and being the only one of their own releases so far not to have a pressing fault or printing error. Spurred on by this success, Soft Rocks immediately went dormant for a year.

Since then, things have got marginally more serious. But only marginally. They set up two sister labels; Disco Powerplay and Chocolate Love for edits, whilst Soft Rocks Recordings focuses mainly on original(ish) material. Remixes have trickled in for the likes of Lo Motion Disco, MGMT, Disco Sessions & Chris Coco, some of which you can even buy in the shops.

Recently the lovely people at Mule Musiq & Lo Recordings have released Soft Rocks tracks, and a home is currently being sought for the pending 2009 LP, which is either going to be called The Curse of Soft Rocks or The Joy of Soft Rocks.

Soft Rocks have dj'ed at clubs, festivals and parties across Europe. Finally a few more people seem to be picking up the hint that they don't just play downtempo weird nonsense and tailfeathers have been seen a shakin' to their heady mix of disco, house, boogie, leftfield jams, reggae and other oddities.

Party Time

Inkfolk Friday 07/08/2015 Exhibition continues then from 7pm its the return of C4

Thanks to those lovely Inkfolk people, we have been invited to host the Friday night session at their upcoming weekender.

Always a warm and friendly atmosphere in the beautiful canalside art space at Machpelah Mill with a well stocked bar of continental booze.

Your selectors are:
Dillinger P (Sorry ladies he's just married), Daddytone, Slackears and young J-Black playing Heavyweight dub, seductive rocksteady, reggae and ska, all played on proper records and a sweet sound system.

Oh yes. And it's free admission!!

18+ only please. (& no swimmers)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Inkfolk Thursday 06/08/2015 6pm Exhibition opening with Oliver Nielson and live performance art by Triangle Cuts

Free entry

Ideas and feelings seem monolithic, ocean- sized , within the heart of the individual but abstract, unimportant , notional outside him.
Conversely he is the drop in the ocean himself, he is notional , in the 'grand scheme of things'.
The title , and work , refer to this.
I make my work from whatever I find on the streets. If there's a canvas in the show it will have been found in a skip, someone's art, once , potentially THEIR big statement , their expression.... headed for landfill. I salvage it but paint over it.
My art is full of angst, disgust, pain and yearning but hopefully you won't see that. Hopefully I've transmuted all that into beauty.
I like oceanic colours. The Blues.
My art is about the individual feeling a kind of cosmic blues. 'song to the siren' is a huge reference point. I'm always trying to paint THAT.

Inkfolks August gathering with some amazing music and Art