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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday 30/03/2014 Exhibition continues and bar open from 1pm then from 7pm WasIst das return with their journey into weird and wonderful experimental sounds with Heather Leigh, Bridget Hayden and Sophie Cooper. Advance tickets are £4 from or £5 on the door.

 The daughter of a coal miner, Heather Leigh was born in West Virginia and raised in Texas and has been recording and releasing music since the 1990s. These days she’s firmly rooted in Glasgow, Scotland, where she’s co-run Volcanic Tongue Record Shop & Mailorder since 2004. Her music has been described as “high metal masses for amplified strings and vocals that blow all notions of form and fidelity to pieces.” She’s released numerous recordings on labels such as Not Not Fun, Family Vineyard, Fag Tapes, Ultra Eczema, Chocolate Monk, Kendra Steiner Editions, Ikuisuus, Eclipse Records, Fonal and her own imprints, Wish Image and Volcanic Tongue. Her main instruments are pedal steel guitar and voice, as well as electric guitar, keyboards, bells, cuatro, psaltery, drums, bass and harmonica.

“At her most gleefully feral, Bridget Haydenstrips away everything conventionally “musical” to leave just grimy, obsessively repeating moans and howls. The other curious aspect of Hayden’s current aesthetic is that she describes it as “fucked-up blues,” which is exactly what it is, though that probably won’t be immediately apparent to a lot of folks. Very, very few people can take on the blues in 2011 without being spectacularly lame, boring, disingenuous, or all three. Bridget, however, has hacked away all of the meaningless tropes to get at the gut-level essence of the form. Her gnarled squalls convey raw, naked emotion in a way that words couldn’t. Hayden balances her bad-intentioned Dead C/early Sonic Youth moments with quieter, more desolate works, substituting queasy dissonance, pronounced tape hiss, and creaking strings for raw power.” – Foxy Digitalis
“Spiders on vaseline rock and roll free formlessness” – Julian Cope

Sophie Cooper has been a member of, The Stoke on Trent Wind Orchestra, Cooper Jones, Leopard Leg, Tom Cool, Wing Horses, Remedial Queen of England, The A Band as well as recorded duos with Ben Nash, Billy AB and a collaborative live project called Gals with Guitars. Sophie is currently working on solo compositions.     Sophie has Releases on Exotic Pylon, Tor Press, Blackest Rainbow, Night People, Bum Tapes.

4 days of Music, Art and fun x

Saturday 29/03/2014 Exhibition continues and Bar open from 1pm then Inkfolks party from 7pm with Last Waltz, CP and Causa. Entry £5.

 Mick Rolfe, Geoff Leopard & El.Dee are by turns 3 DJs / Musicians / Producers who have all been heavily involved in the North East UK left-of-centre club scene for many years.

The three close friends decided to join together and explore the points where their musical tastes met, the results were Last Waltz (their DJ & Production Alias), the nomadic underground party Dada (which breathes life into unusual derelict venues in their home of Newcastle upon Tyne) and more recently their limited vinyl label Object of Distraction, which aims to provide a physical format for some of the more esoteric club music created by themselves and their friends.

In the short time since releasing their debut 12”, Criminal World, on their own Object of Distraction imprint in early 2012, Last Waltz have gone on to make music for a number of respected labels including World Unknown , Mule Musiq / Endless Flight, Future Boogie, Let’s Play House and Tusk Wax.
While it’s their music that has earned Last Waltz global attention, the trio from North East England still regard themselves as being DJs above all else, and 2013 sees them fulfilling a jam packed schedule playing at some of the finest clubs and festivals in the UK, Europe, and further afield, as well as their own Dada parties in Newcastle upon Tyne...
 This year also sees Last Waltz continuing to release original music, and high profile remixes, with releases currently in the pipeline for Magic Wand, Ene Records, Is It Balearic? among others. Music for dancing!!
 Tickets are £5 available at 
 Dynamite, 35 Market Street, HX7 6EU, 
 Joyce's Closet,  6 Cheetham St, HX7 8EW or tickets available on the night at Inkfolk.

Friday 28/03/2014 Exhibition continues, then from 7pm Magpie Cinema present High on Hope, a film about the Blackburn rave scene with Q&A from director Piers Sanderson plus music from DJs Russ and Waka, plus home cooked food from Mr Foulgers kitchen.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of acid house this documentary feature film tells the story of the infamous 'Hardcore Uproar’ warehouse parties in Blackburn 1989-91. 
From just 50 friends in a backstreet workshop these parties grew to over 10,000 people dancing in cavernous warehouses across the north west every week. 
Their trajectory mirrored what was happening nationally as acid house went from an underground scene to The mass youth cult of the end of the 20th century. With q&a after the film with director Piers Sanderson.

 Thursday 27/03/2014 6pm Exhibition opening with images and photographic work from Cherry Styles with live music from Kirsty McGee. free entry. 

Cherry an artist based in Manchester, UK. "The processes I use in my work are often experimental, although much of it is rooted in analogue photography and collage. I am interested in zines, DIY/self publishing, photography, sex, feminism ~ particularly in women's self representation through visual art and literature.

I run the feminist collective the Chapess, and in 2012 I started Synchronise Witches Press releasing hand made/short runs of artists books and zines." Cherry's work will run four 4 days at Inkfolk.

Somewhere between Jazz, Folk, Chanson and Americana there’s an area of music that doesn’t have a name. With a cartographer’s attention to detail, Kirsty McGee has spent the past ten years and six albums exploring and mapping this place.
Honed over twenty years of following her own path, McGee's songs show the light touch of a singer with an instinctive reflex for bringing together words and music. Gentle, and with the bittersweet edge of experience, her voice speaks directly from an open heart, and her rich, dark style frames the brittleness of her lyrics perfectly.
Twice nominated for the BBC RADIO 2 FOLK AWARDS and WINNER OF AN IMA FOR BEST LIVE ALBUM IN 2011, McGee has shared the stage with artists such as KARINE POLWART, EDDI READER and SUZANNE VEGA. Her songs have received BBC DAYTIME PLAYLISTING and are regularly featured on the playlists of local and specialist radio stations. She has also perfomed sessions on BBC Radios 2 and 4.

 In 2012, McGee released a brand new solo album, CONTRABAND; an intimate collection of honest and intelligent songs which lays bare her delicate guitar work and bare bones writing style in her rawest and bravest recordings to date.

 In 2013 McGee's track SANDMAN (The Kansas Sessions, 2008) was a major feature of DANNY BOYLE’s film TRANCE, appearing in its entirely during the film and being written into Rick Smith's score throughout. It was released as a double A-side single with SETTING OF THE SUN (Contraband, 2012) on McGee’s own HOBOPOP label.