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Sunday, 9 March 2014

 Thursday 27/03/2014 6pm Exhibition opening with images and photographic work from Cherry Styles with live music from Kirsty McGee. free entry. 

Cherry an artist based in Manchester, UK. "The processes I use in my work are often experimental, although much of it is rooted in analogue photography and collage. I am interested in zines, DIY/self publishing, photography, sex, feminism ~ particularly in women's self representation through visual art and literature.

I run the feminist collective the Chapess, and in 2012 I started Synchronise Witches Press releasing hand made/short runs of artists books and zines." Cherry's work will run four 4 days at Inkfolk.

Somewhere between Jazz, Folk, Chanson and Americana there’s an area of music that doesn’t have a name. With a cartographer’s attention to detail, Kirsty McGee has spent the past ten years and six albums exploring and mapping this place.
Honed over twenty years of following her own path, McGee's songs show the light touch of a singer with an instinctive reflex for bringing together words and music. Gentle, and with the bittersweet edge of experience, her voice speaks directly from an open heart, and her rich, dark style frames the brittleness of her lyrics perfectly.
Twice nominated for the BBC RADIO 2 FOLK AWARDS and WINNER OF AN IMA FOR BEST LIVE ALBUM IN 2011, McGee has shared the stage with artists such as KARINE POLWART, EDDI READER and SUZANNE VEGA. Her songs have received BBC DAYTIME PLAYLISTING and are regularly featured on the playlists of local and specialist radio stations. She has also perfomed sessions on BBC Radios 2 and 4.

 In 2012, McGee released a brand new solo album, CONTRABAND; an intimate collection of honest and intelligent songs which lays bare her delicate guitar work and bare bones writing style in her rawest and bravest recordings to date.

 In 2013 McGee's track SANDMAN (The Kansas Sessions, 2008) was a major feature of DANNY BOYLE’s film TRANCE, appearing in its entirely during the film and being written into Rick Smith's score throughout. It was released as a double A-side single with SETTING OF THE SUN (Contraband, 2012) on McGee’s own HOBOPOP label.

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