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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday at Inkfolk in May 2014

22-25th May 2014

 Thursday 22/05/2014 6pm Exhibition opening with Illustrations by Louise Lockhart plus live music from The Funkside Soul Band. Free entry. 

Louise is an illustrator based in Hebden bridge. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009, studying Visual Communication.

I have always been obsessed with drawing. I create my designs by drawing, printing, cutting and finding collage material and textures, then I compile them using a computer. My biggest heroes are David Hockney, Pierro Fornasetti and Pablo Picasso for trying out a bit of everything. 

Whilst living in Canada and America for a year in 2012, I worked in an amazing stationery shop which inspired me to start my own company The Printed Peanut It's a great way to apply my drawings and designs to a variety of products. I am currently making a set of pre-made illustrated pass the parcels.

You can see my blog of influences and inspirations here or check out my shop

Louise's work will run for 4 days at Inkfolk.

The Funkside Soul Band are a local 6 piece live act playing the music they know and love. soul, funk, disco and Motown backed with diva-esque vocals and super tight musicianship, this band know how to make your feet shuffle.

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