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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Inkfolk springs into action once again with our pop up café/bar. Our newly renovated mill space will be used to showcase creativity that we hope will enrich the music and arts scene of Hebden Bridge.

We have a fully licensed bar, serving local craft beers and wines. We also offer good teas, coffees, non-alcoholic drinks and cakes in a relaxed atmosphere with great music. Outside there is a lovely canal-side garden terrace which, combined with the exhibition space, makes Inkfolk a perfect place to meet friends, view artwork and enjoy good sounds.

Inkfolk No 5. Spring-ing Up!

Thursday 28/03/2013. 5pm – 11pm
Exhibition opening.

This exhibition will bring together the work of Rowanna Lacey and Kasia Breska.
Under the guise of ‘Drawn Surface’ Rowanna creates bespoke designs and unique
illustrations which can be applied onto fabric, wallpaper, or in fact anything
that has a surface. Often using darkly evocative imagery and with a nod to traditional 
and historical pattern design she has created a truly distinctive style, using mixed media to create each 
piece, often using hand drawn illustrations to form the basis of the design. 

Having enjoyed ‘living and breathing’ London
for many years Rowanna has now returned to her hometown of Hebden Bridge where
she lives with her partner and young son high up on the green Pennine hills.
As a response to the flooding which blighted Hebden Bridge and the Valley 
of Calderdale earlier this year, Rowanna has been inspired to develop an 
illustrative anthology under the title of ‘Stolen Sun’ which will be shown at Inkfolk with ‘Pennine Signs’ 
kind sponsorship of Rowanna’s work.

Kasia is a fine artist based in Leeds in Oak House Studios and is a part of the East Street Arts group.
 She works with mixed media exploring non urban/wild spaces, approaching the landscapes as places 
with unique quality of patterns, colours, light and combination of living elements. 
Her recent works are based around Calderdale Valley where the non urban space is approached 
as ‘local’. Kasia explores the fine details and rich diversity of the land as well as connecting the
space with her home land memories and with what used to be ‘local’ to her in Poland, where she grew up.
 Working with drawings, montage and antique/aged paper, Kasia presents her vision of the place and memories 
associated with this exploration.

Friday 29/03/2013. 1pm – Late
Exhibition/Bar/Pop up cinema.
Cinema from 8pm. This will be a Red-Carpet event, so feel free to dress up in appropriate premiere attire! 
Magpie cinema returns to Inkfolk to showcase there quest for independent film screenings. This time bringing Cannes in a Van to Hebden Bridge. Basically CIAV are a four-wheel film festival taking independent films to the heart of Cannes film festival and films exposure. Where that exposure takes them is an unknown quantity, but it may just help them on their way.

Saturday 30/03/2013 10am - Late
Exhibition/Vintage Market/Bar/Halcyon with guest James Holroyd (Begin/Back to basics)

Saturday daytime we are holding another vintage market with lovely clothing from Sailor and Lula plus a host of other vintage finds, treasures and locally made food.

In the evening from 7pm its party time with vinyl heads CP, Causa and guest James Holroyd. 
Jim has played Hebden Bridge many a time over the years and loves it, his no boundaries musical style fits perfectly with what we do at our nights and we can't wait for him to play at our basement party. Jim has held a residency at the ever present Back to Basics club for many years now plus has been no 1 choice tour DJ for the Chemical Brothers for well over 15 years. He is currently working on his first album under his moniker Begin, and judging from the quality of the first releases, it should be ace. Ticket are £3 on sale via or from Inkfolk.

Sunday 31/03/2013 1pm - Late
Exhibition/Bar/ Live music... WasIst Das present Slomo and Colin Potter live.!!!.7pm
Ned is now a staple at our Sunday shindig with his Wasist Das gigs. Here bringing more quality organic electronic music in the form of Slomo and Colin Potter.
Colin’s early work managed to draw lines from the electronic side of krautrock, Throbbing Gristle and Brian Eno and marched forward into the future. After racking up an impressive solo discography and many production credits throughout the 80s, Colin joined Nurse With Wound in 1992. However, despite recording and gigging all over the world with Nurse With Wound, Colin still finds time to not only maintain a high quality solo output, he also collaborates with the likes of Fovea Hex, Human Greed, The Hafler Trio, Bass Communion and many more.
Who else could support Colin but semi-local drone monsters Slomo? They previously played on the same bill together in London last year at the behest of Mr.Sunn O))) himself Stephen O’Malley. Slomo are a duo consisting of local lad Howard Marsden and from Julian Cope’s band, Holy McGrail. They’ve done two albums for prestigious American label Important Records and recently did a sneakily self-released third album, “The Grain”  Tickets are £7 on sale from or £10 on the door.
 If all that was not enough we then continue in to the bank holiday early hours with our Inkfriends after party with music spun by locals Jimmy Welsh (Gezellig) and CP

See you there

Inkfolk xx

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