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Friday, 27 April 2012

Grand opening...

Inkfolk is a new pop up café and bar whose newly renovated mill space will be used to showcase creativity to enrich the music and arts scene of Hebden Bridge.
Every Inkfolk event will show an exhibition of artwork from all kinds of artists and we will also put on our own music night, Halcyon, where DJ’s will take you on a musical journey, full of eclectic finds and good times.

We have a fully licensed bar, serving local craft beers and wines. We also offer good teas, coffees, non-alcoholic drinks and cakes in a relaxed atmosphere with great music. Outside there is a lovely garden terrace which, combined with the exhibition space, makes Inkfolk a perfect place to meet friends, view artwork and enjoy good sounds.

Inkfolk Program

Thursday 31st May 5pm – 11pm

Exhibition Opening : In Our Nature - Kris Tate and Charlotte Mellor Meecham

Inkfolk’s first exhibition brings together work from two artists, one who works with the human image and another who creates images of animals. This comprises a mutual theme whereby the human and animal worlds are not considered as separate but are linked together through the use of decorative motifs. Traditionally, decorative patterns included abstracted forms which linked the human to the habitat and this was seen as part of their identity. In this case the pattern is more ambiguous, derived from a sense that the visual image has become part of what structures our world.
Despite the interest of both artists in decorative motifs, the working methods of each artist differs, one displaying the sophistication of digital technologies, one relying upon the imprecision of the marks of the hand. Yet both artists gather materials and techniques together as a kind of visual remix. Photo-montage, painting and illustration combine, a contemporary response to a deep-rooted fascination with decorative pattern. These works reappraise the traditional and celebrates the anonymous faces of history whose identity remains unknown.

Friday 1st June 5pm – 11pm

This will be an excellent chance to come and check us out, and appreciate the artwork with a drink and good music.

Saturday 2nd June 1pm – 11pm

Saturday daytime will be a continuation of the gallery exhibition and café/bar.
In the evening from 7pm, Inkfolk will host our new night Halcyon, with DJ’s CP and Havana Candy with special guest, Cosmic Jane. Ticket only event priced at £2.00. Click on the link or email us for more info.

Sunday 3rd of June 1pm-10pm

We will be opening the café/bar as a wind down session. This will be the last chance to have a look at the exhibition, view some projected visuals and have a beer.

See you there

Inkfolk xx

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